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Trueposture, is a smart shirt which is designed to maintain healthy back posture and also it  helps  in preventing lower back ache. It has multisensory technology that tracks the alignment of the entire spine. It trains the user with visual displays and vibrations ,that help a user in maintaining  the correct posture.

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Trueposture is a simple to use smart shirt. Trueposture app works on android and iOS.This  smart shirt syncs up with mobile app and tracks  the postures and provides gentle vibration reminders  to straighten user’s back.The sensors continuously measure user’s spine alignment in order to provide the posture data to the mobile app. TruPosture sends data via Bluetooth to a companion app, which offers visualizations of the user’s posture and displays changes in  the user’s posture over time .Trueposture helps in maintaining the ideal posture ,strengthening of the back muscles and decreased incidence of back pain.

hbPhysiotherapist and back pain experts say that posture is a very important thing. Posture mistakes are the reason for back aches and pains. Improving posture will address the cause of pain by alleviating muscle tension. Doctors and physiotherapist work in improving the core strengths of the patients when they are in the hospital. But when the patients leave the hospital, they are involved with day today work and forget about their posture. At this time smart shirt with sensors will keep reminding patients or users to stay in good posture which will lead to healthy pain free backs and will prevent surgeries.

prevalenceAccording to one research paper the prevalence of back pain in India has been found to range from as low as 6.2% to high as 92% depending upon the population under study. Back pain is found to be more common in Females than males.  As the population is  aging globally , the number of individuals with back pain is likely to increase in the coming years .In such situation solution like Trueposture can really prove to be effective.

siSimilar apps which do the work of posture analysis and maintenance are Posture Screen Mobile, Posture Reminder,  Daily Back Exercises, PostureZone and  PostureScreen.These apps monitors the poor posture and prompts the user to come back to correct posture and hence promote good posture.

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