Raymio-Sun Protection Device


Raymio helps in protecting the user from excessive UV exposure.UV exposure causes sunburns and other skin related problems. It helps by advising when to apply sun lotion, seek shade and also which type of clothes should be worn.Raymio helps in keeping the UV levels within the healthy range.

whats newThe smartphone -connected sun protective wearable device Raymio connects via Bluetooth to the Raymio app on the user’s mobile phone. It enables the user to track and measure UV exposure. The app takes care of user’s skin pigmentation and offers the sun safety advice throughout the day. Other factor which is taken care by app is UV index forecasts. Raymio is waterproof  device ,swimmers can take it to swimming.


Excessive UV exposure can lead to health problems like cataracts, premature skin aging, sunburn and skin cancer, which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in many western countries.Sunburns increases a person’s chance of developing melanoma.  This app is helpful in figuring out when the user is vulnerable to sun burning. The device can protect the user from excessive exposures by monitoring the sun rays throughout the day.Raymio stores data,this data can be used for cancer research.

prevalenceSkin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Non-epithelial skin cancer represents 7% of skin cancers. In countries where the prevalence of skin cancer is high,app like Raymio can be really helpful. Raymio the wearable device that communicates to a smartphone app sends notification on days when the UV index is high and advises what should be done.


The other apps which perform the similar functions are Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App, Ultraviolet – UV Index, EPA’s Sun Wise UV Index and  Doctor Mole – Skin Cancer App.These apps  are great tool for people who want to take care  of their skin while  enjoying  an active  lifestyle.


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