Nora-Non Invasive Snoring Solution


Nora, a non-invasive smart phone connected device tracks snoring and solves the snoring problem without disturbing sleep cycle. It combines sensor that knows when the user is snoring with a padded, inflatable insert that gently moves user’s pillow when he/she begin to snore. It stimulates the relaxation of throat muscles, opens airway, and silence the snores.

whats new

The device consists of a wireless mic that looks a like a mouse. A pump hides under the bed, while an inflatable device goes under the pillow. When the mic picks up the sounds of user’s snoring, it sends a message to the pump, which kicks on and delivers air via a tube to the inflatable cushion under user’s pillow. This further changes the position of pillow and hence changes the position of user’s head. This in turn stimulates relaxed neck and throat muscles, opening of the airway and further stopping the snoring.It also lets audio recording of snores.  The company also hopes to analyze the data and alert the user if there snoring is something they should consult a doctor about.


Health risks related to snoring are long interruptions of breathing, strain on the heart, low oxygen levels in the blood, chronic headaches, obesity etc. Nora records and tracks snores of the user .The recorded snores can be assessed by a doctor and further complications like the above mentioned  can be prevented.



According to one research overall prevalence of snoring and daytime sleepiness was 40% and 59%, respectively .Metabolic syndrome was significantly associated with snoring in Indian population. The prevalence of snoring and daytime sleepiness is high among population of urban South India.Snore tracking device like Nora can prove to be very helpful.

similar ideasThere are many sleep tracking applications. These apps not only allow sleeping effectively but also improve the quality of the sleep one get. Examples are Snore clock,Snore Lab, FitBit One,Snore Away and Quit Snoring. These apps are helpful in detecting and monitoring snores.


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