An Indiegogo campaign was launched by First Derm. The startup offers a question answer app for a smartphone peripheral device that takes clear pictures of moles. The device named ‘Hud’which is Swedish for skin, sends the pictures to the companion app.

whats new‘Hud’, a medical grade lens which is attached to a smartphone camera allows to take clear images of the moleson the skin. The accompanying First Derm app enables sharing of of Hud images with a dermatologist in First Derm.The accompanying app tells about skin cancer warning signs and reminds to track spots on skin.The app stores Hud images.


Research shows that 95% of skin cancer deaths are preventable by early detection and timely action. People of all ages and skin tones are susceptible to skin cancer.Hud enables early detection through enhanced screening method.The images sent to the dermatologist in First Derm evaluates the mole and informs the individual if the mole requires an immediate biopsy  or not.


According to WHO data of May 2014 prevalence rate of skin cancer in India is 0.18.Over the past decade the incidence of skin cancer has increased .With the depletion in ozone layer more UV radiation reaches the earth’s surface .Decrease of 10 per cent in ozone levels will result in an additional 300,000 non-melanoma and 4,500 melanoma skin cancer cases.


The other dermatology apps are Dermatology,Spruce,ETAS,Skin Doctor ,Visual dX etc.These apps provides expert insights on diseases affecting skin and  also dermatologist approved information for skin care and health.

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