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Keyword: Cognition, Technology
Overview: The aim is to publish research that normally resides on the borderline between people, technology, and organizations. Including how people use information technology, how experience and expertise develop through work, and how incidents and accidents are due to the interaction between individual, technical and organizational factors.
The most relevant working contexts of interest to CTW are those where the impact of modern technologies on people at work is particularly important for the users involved as well as for the effects on the environment and plants. Modern society has come to depend on the safe and efficient functioning of a multitude of technological systems as diverse as industrial production, transportation, communication, supply of energy, information and materials, health and finance. In particular, the working contexts where such impact is most relevant are, amongst others:
  • Aviation, rail, maritime and road systems
  • Medical and hospital environments
  • Energy production and nuclear power plants
  • Household and social contexts
  • Plus other contexts where popular technology is being constantly utilised for everyday activities.
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