Publication List

1.Ashwini Reddy, Chandrakiran Dubey, Suresh Munuswamy Cancer Burden in India: Evaluating the Cost burden of treatment due to TRIPS. National Journal for Research in Community Medicine. Vol 4(2) 2015 2.Suresh Munuswamy, Keiko Nakamura, Kaoruko Seino and Masashi Kizuki. Inequalities in use of antenatal care and… Read More

External Grant List

1. disability grant for Disability Assessment and Support- Comprehensive (DAS-COM) (USD 115,000) 2. Disability Assessment made Simple (DAS Simple) funded by Grand Challenges, CANADA (USD 110,000) 3. Health Informatics- Rapid Design Lab (HI-RapiD) FIST program grant from Department of Science and Technology, India (USD… Read More