Know your Height,Weigt and BMI from one image

AUTOMETRY is an augmented reality based application developed at hi rapid lab in IIPH-Hyderabad.The application does height and weight assessment in two mobile camera clicks ,calculates automatically BMI,nutritional status and  quickly collects real time anthropometric data with GIS coordinates which helps in  providing location relevant effective… Read More

IIPH-Hyderabad tests Drones to deliever drugs

Researchers at Indian Institute of Public Health-Hyderabad tested drone for delievering drugs at a Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Moinabad, Ranga Reddy district.Researchers are exploring the possibility of using a drone for delievering emergency medicines and also regular medicines for people suffering from Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Diabetes… Read More

Project DAS Simple appears in Banglore Mirror

DAS Simple is an Augmented Reality based application which will provide disability certification through a mobile application that can automate calculation, provide instant analysis, link to customized benefits and continuously track the outcomes.The Project DAS Simple (Disability assessment made simple) has been funded by the Grand… Read More